Thursday, 3 November 2011


It may sound astonishing but the hard truth is that since October the Royal Navy has not had a single vessel defending the British Isles. Since the Strategic Defence Review of last year, Britain's fleet of frigates and destoyers was cut from 23 to 19 despite previous Conservative claims that we needed a navy of no less than 40 ships.Many believe that the defence cuts imposed by the former Defence Secretary, Dr Liam Fox went too far and this latest revellation will support this view.

The reason that there are no ships available to protect us is because ten warships had been deployed to the Mediterranean to support our involvement in Libya. It is small comfort to know that most of these are now on their way back, but while we were defending other people's causes the UK was not being adequately protected. It is shoddy of our Government to leave Britain so badly protected while money continues to be pumped into military activities in Libya and Afghanistan and when the foreign aid budget is being substantially increased and we are still paying vast sums to India, Pakistan and China. India will be receiving £1bn in aid over three years despite having a growing economy and a space and nuclear weapons programme. Although there is no immediate threat from any foreign country, an attack from a terrorist source continues to pose a real risk.Yet, the Government flaunts Britain to the World as a major power when in reality we have very little capability to defend our islands. Should the Falkland Islands, as an example, come under a renewed threat of invasion from Argentina, which is not beyond the realms of probability, Britain simply would not have the resources to defend it.

Cameron has to be asked why the interests of other countries continues to be considered as more important than the needs of our own citizens?  

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