Friday, 20 April 2012


I received this email today that has been written by a 72-year old citizen of Great Britain. I make no apologies for publishing on this blog because I believe the contents are extremely poignant and whta this gentleman has stated reflects the views of so many people. I have edited the layout from the original to fit the layout more appropriately in order to make it easier to read.

To David Cameron (Prime Minister) & Ed Milliband (Leader of the Opposition) ...

You BOTH worry me! (In fact both of your Political parties worry the hell out of me!!
Over the last three years I find myself becoming more and more fearful of the pair of you and between you are turning this country into a place that I no longer feel at home in, or feel a part of! I watch you in parliament and no not just the two of you but every politician that I see stands up in parliament sneering at each other rand acting like children!!! (..And if you were my children I would be ashamed of you all ... What an example to set!)

Although you would like us all to believe that you are putting the needs of this country at the forefront NEITHER of you are doing that you seem more interested in "one-upmanship "in scoring off each other & denigrating each other to the detriment of this country & its people!!! 

It seems to be all about YOU as individuals and not about what you can DO for this country!
It is fast becoming a place that I do not recognize as the place I always thought was the best place in the world to be!!!
But no longer!!!
You are not listening to the people of this country!!!

And here in Great Britain your counterparts are afflicted with the same disease - is it endemic in all politicians?
I am watching the deterioration of living standards in this country (and according to you on a world stage we are doing better than most countries ... REALLY???)... And yet the gap is widening between the "haves" and the "have-nots”. I see our homeless on the streets our hospitals under-funded and understaffed our health system is an absolute mess and a disgrace ... And yet I see multi-millions of dollars being sent off shore in aid to other countries before attending to this country's needs!

I see the "selling off of water rights to foreign interests WHY...?
Especially when you go to great lengths to tell us that water is a finite resource & supposedly we must ALL be careful with how we use it so that we ensure we have it for the future
A Carbon Tax (which you KNOW is just another tax) which will make NO appreciable difference to carbon emissions AT ALL!
A tax which in spite of all your arguments FOR it you are doing alone when other major countries will NOT & DO NOT embrace it or believe in it !