Wednesday, 6 April 2016


While searching YouTube for a World In Action programme that the police had tried to have banned concerning corruption within Scotland Yard, by chance I stumbled on an entirely different story, though it too involved significant police wrongdoing. The video I found was a presentation given to an audience at the 2015 conference of The British Constitutional Group by Ian Puddick, a law abiding citizen, who was a former management consultant but is now a director of a successful plumbing company. If you have ever watched the BBC Rogue Traders, you may have seen Ian advising the show's presenter on the poor workmanship carried out by a shoddy plumber being exposed on the programme. But the story Ian relates has no connection to his profession; instead he tells how his life was deliberately thrown into complete and utter turmoil by members of the City of London Police that acted without accountability to satisfy the whims of a powerful global corporation that decided to stage a vendetta against him simply because it could. This is a story of evil over good, which demonstrates how the power held by global enterprises can be used to exert their considerable influence over authority in ways that can pervert the laws of the land.  

After watching the video I contacted Ian Puddick and have discussed his case at some length with him via emails. From what he has told me I am convinced that the treatment and intrusion into his life was a merciless and most shocking and malicious attack on his civil rights that, in a society that claims to be civilised, should never be allowed to happen. It occurred because powerful executives wanted to silence him, though the danger is that anyone could fall victim to this kind of treatment if a large corporate organisation decides you are a source of nuisance or inconvenience and may constitute a threat to their reputation. What made Ian's case even more shocking was the extraordinary lengths that officers from the City of London Police were willing to go to in order to fabricate a case against him. 

It all began as Ian relaxed in his garden at the end of May 2009 when he was alerted to a text message that came up on his wife's mobile phone. Innocently, he picked up the phone and read the message. To his horror he discovered his wife was having an affair with a married man. The sender of the text was Leena Puddick's boss, Timothy Haynes, a director of the world's largest reinsurance brokers, Guy Carpenter, who she had known since 1997. After confronting his wife, she admitted to the affair that had originated before she married Ian but had been ongoing for 10-years. She told him that she ended the relationship when she married Ian but Haynes refused to accept it was over. Leena continued working as Haynes's secretary but claimed he had started to pressurise her, sending 30 to 40 texts a day, that at times included explicit photographs, in an effort to force her into reinstating the affair. Eventually she gave in and the liaison was reignited at the firm's Christmas party in 2002. After that, Haynes and Mrs Puddick began spending time together outside of work at restaurants, in hotel rooms and at what she later described to one newspaper as, "wonderful places around the country". Ian also found out that the affair was being financed by Haynes using company expenses, a fact that was later determined by expenses receipts fraudulently connected to client activities and supported by a statement Leena Puddick provided to a Guy Carpenter disciplinary tribunal. 

After deciding their marriage was worth saving, Ian called Haynes and confronted him and by politely asking him to move Mrs Puddick from working with him. According to Ian, Haynes became abusive but and told him to mind his own businesses before slamming down the phone. The following day Ian called Nick Frankland, the CEO of Guy Carpenter and repeated his request to have his wife transferred away from working with Haynes. In an emotional state, Ian embarked on a course of action devised to embarrass Haynes by exposing his extra marital activities. He went to Sussex where he surprised Mrs Haynes at home and told her of the affair shared by their respective spouses. Following this, Ian's company received a series of phone messages over the next five days from a female caller who asked him to call Mrs Haynes, but the number the caller left was Timothy Haynes's mobile number. Ian said that he knew the messages were not from Mrs Haynes as she is German and speaks with a strong accent. This meant someone was trying to set him up and he realised, that had he returned the calls, he would have left himself open to all kinds of accusations. Subsequently, he found out that the caller was Hazel Sibbald, an underwriter and friend of both Leena Puddick and Haynes who it seems was returning a favour after Haynes was said to have helped her get a better settlement in her divorce. In view of the dirty tricks being played against him, Ian angrily informed some of Haynes's clients by telling them that he was "a person of no integrity". He later admitted this was wrong, but it was a case of his emotions getting the better of him at a very difficult time. Without realising, his actions were about to unleash a powerful string of events that would not remain a personal grievance between Ian and his wife's lover, but would turn extremely frightening and land him in court accused of various criminal activities, that incredulously included allegations of possessing and dealing cocaine.